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HISCO combines professional expertise, industry and customer knowledge to deliver innovative ingredients and comprehensive solutions and services to our clients worldwide. Our novel approach to the marketplace allows our “Principals” to expand their business on a global scale and in turn, creates revolutionary health and wellness solutions for our “clients” and ultimately the end consumer.

Our Healthy Ingredient Solutions division delivers high quality nutritional ingredients, cutting edge technologies and value added solutions which address and fulfill the current and future needs of our clients. Core industries and markets of focus are: Food & Beverage, Dietary Supplement, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Animal Nutrition, Flavors and Cosmetics.

Our Healthy Ingredients Services division offers specialized expertise in strategy design, implementation and execution. Core areas of expertise and focus are Corporate, Business, Sales, Marketing, Innovation and Branding.


about us

The industry is experiencing a paradigm shift.
HISCO was established to fulfill a significant void that has been created in the marketplace and is currently unfilled and desperately needed.
With the evolution and demand for products that are more nutritious, natural, functional, fortified, health state specific in addition to clean label, environmental friendly and safe, there emerged a significant demand for new ingredients, customization and novel technologies.

Simultaneously, industry has been faced with severe global economic pressures that have resulted in significant reductions in the areas of R&D, Innovation, Application and Formulation, Procurement, Supply Chain etc. Firms are doing more with much less, while trying to achieve insurmountable fiscal goals and the development of new products that meet the demands of consumers today. The business model is changing and HISCO is here to help.

Our model is simple. Industry needs solutions. We provide solutions through novel ingredient offerings, new technologies and customized development needs. HISCO aligns our selected global “Principals” with our “clients” in the targeted area of expertise and unique offerings to reach a successful and innovative outcome for all. We represent first class, high technology, specialized “Principals” and offer their technologies, innovation and value-add to our “clients” in the industries in which we target. Our vast industry experience and network allows us to specifically target and work closely with our clients to develop new products that meet the demands of today’s marketplace and regulatory environment.

Our service model is also simple. With the paradigm shift, firms are forced to change their business models to adjust and maneuver quickly and with fewer resources. Our services division can work with your organization to assess, design and implement necessary changes in your corporate and business strategy, models, sales and marketing organization, competitive strategy in addition to developing new markets, while retaining and expanding existing business.

who we are

Innovative and dedicated industry professionals with top level executive expertise focused on delivering health and wellness solutions and strategies, to our Principals and Clients worldwide. Our team has extensive industry experience and success on a global scale with such firms as: Johnson & Johnson, Ajinomoto, Hoechst/Nutrinova, Chromocell Corporation, DSM, Tosoh and Dow Chemical. The client base includes world brand leaders such as: The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo, Kraft, Nestle, Kellogg's, Wrigley/Mars, Danone, General Mills, DPSG, Herbalife, Amway, Shaklee, Vitamin Shoppe and many more across the food and beverage, flavors, nutrition, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.


The Most Creative ideas

Innovation and value added, solution based strategies are fundamental for your success. Whether you are a HISCO Principal with novel ingredients, or a HISCO Client developing novel products, we strive to create, design and execute the most innovative and profitable outcomes and strategies for your business.

Solutions Showcase

HISCO provides novel solutions to our clients across a broad spectrum of targeted areas such as:

o High Intensity Sweetener Expertise

o Salt Reduction Expertise

o Nutritional Lipids - Technology Expertise

o Nutritional Lipids - Patented Technology

o Infant Nutrition

o Women’s Health

o Brain and Memory Health

o Joint and Inflammation Health

o Cardiovascular Health

o Immunity Health

o Children’s Nutrition

o Beauty and Skin Hydration

o Eye health

o Pre & Postnatal Health

o Senior Nutrition


- Global Key Account Management

-- Multinational


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